Saturday, 28 February 2015

Remember our November Leak? .....

Although the main leak near to our kitchen
has been repaired
The second leak has not!!!  Yet!!!
The Water Board think the leak is on our property.
The insurers' repairers think it is outside our property boundary!
We have now had our water meter moved twice.
Once at the beginning of January, to put it nearer
to our front boundary.
Now it has had to be moved again - right up to our boundary
wall out on to the pavement!
There is still an obvious leak, as the hole the Water Board dug
soon filled with water.
They left it for 2/3 days, then had to fill it in, as they are "not allowed to
leave an unprotected hole in the road".
Their fencing and 'Men at Work' signs are leaning against our front wall.
We were told that an Inspector was due to call to inspect/look/check
the origin of this second leak, but we haven't seen him!
Then this morning we had another bill from the Water Board requesting
payment of nearly £1,700.00.
Its becoming a nightmare and getting very stressful.
I am everlasting on the phone to our insurers to keep them up to date
on what the Water Board are doing, then I have to phone
the Water Board to see what is happening next because the insurers
want to have a report, and this morning the Water Board's 
computers were 'down', so they can't check up on the latest
report that might have been put on-line until next Monday!
The lovely lady I spoke to this morning kept saying 'Don't worry' -
but its jolly hard not to with a £1,700 bill hanging over your head.
Aaaargh !!!!!
Ann x

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