Saturday, 14 March 2015

Things are getting better .....

Finally all the work regarding our leak is finally finished!!!
Yesterday was full of workmen, diggers, electric drain finding equipment,
men with vans, etc, etc, ... you can imagine.
Lovely Other Half said there was chaos to begin with because they 
couldn't find the pipework it was so deep down - at least 2 feet - 
hence the electronic finding device.
In the end the water company replaced 10 metres of drain on to
our property free of charge under their 'free leak repair scheme'.
(I was fortunately out all day crafting and quilting!!)
What a performance!
Now things are getting better and our garden is coming to life.
Some tete a tete daffodils and a pretty new hebes flowering well.
a few hyacinths and more tete a tetes looking very cheerful
only some white crocuses at present - don't know whats happened to our purple ones!
You know I like hellebores - as per my header.
Well, they are looking wonderful at present.

Because the blooms always face downwards, they are difficult to photograph
and not much good in a vase.
So I pinched Monty Don's idea and floated the blooms in water.
Don't they look lovely.
(Click on the photos to get a much better look.)
Hope your gardens are beginning to wake up too.
Ann x

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Mark Willis said...

I just love those Hellebores in the glass bowl! Very pretty. My favourites are the dark-coloured ones.