Friday, 20 March 2015

Garden Eclipse 2015 .....

Made ourselves a pin hole camera and got
some great views of the eclipse.
Then I shut my eyes
turned round and took this surprising image.
Presumably something to do with light refraction (I'm not a scientist).
The eclipse appears to have been reversed.
We were very lucky to have blue, clear skies
It didn't go completely dark but just
got eerily gloomy and silent.
A wonderful spectacle.
Brought back memories of the 1999 eclipse which I
saw down in Newlyn, Cornwall.
It was very cloudy that day and did get totally dark and cold.
Another eerie experience.
What was your experience of the eclipse?
Ann x

1 comment:

Kath said...

Great photos!
There were loads of people on the Tor, this morning, there were intermittent glimpses as the cloud shifted. We did notice the birds went silent. Bright sunshine now, although the mist hasn't cleared fully.