Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Jelly fish etc ....

I'm sure you have all heard about the large amount of jelly fish that are coming ashore.
We have had quite a few here in West Wales
as I found out this morning when I was having a paddle in the sea at Wiseman's Bridge!
When I turned round, there they were - or rather their bodies!
Most remarkable creatures.  I think they are the Barrell jellyfish.
They don't feel slimy, but are remarkably like very dense rubber.
I found them fascinating.
Some of their lovely colours shining in the sun

Glistening in the outgoing tide.
Then I walked through the tunnels to Coppet Hall
I'm pleased the flash shows exactly how the tunnel was hewn out.
When I got to Coppet Hall there was an even larger jelly fish to be seen.
The little girl was fascinated and kept running around it.
It was a beautiful hot morning and there were plenty of sunbathers
And swimmers
Afterwards we had some fine dining at the Wiseman's Bridge Inn!
This fellow helped himself to as much as possible before being dismissed!!
Hope you are having good weather too.
Ann x

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Kath said...

I share your fascination Ann, we were in Ireland years back and the whole beach was covered in lilac jellyfish, with purple veins, I thought they were beautiful!