Saturday, 30 April 2011

April Scavenger Photos

I have found this month's photos quite difficult to find for some reason and haven't found an April Shower anywhere! Living in Wales as I do, there was nothing to commemorate St George's Day I'm afraid, although of course he did slay the Dragon!!!

This lovely sculpture is on the harbour in Corralejo, Fuerteventura.
The parish church of Begelly, Pembrokeshire.

The cross of the war memorial overlooking Freshwater West.

Lovely eggs from our Girls.

An interesting shop name found when I was on holiday.

Yellow laburnam in our garden this evening.

A book of Shakespeare's comedies, found in our bookcase.

A set of keys! My piano keyboard, which I don't play nearly enough!

My trusty compact camera.

Breakfast. Nearly always porridge and blueberries or other fruit of some sort. (I do usually cook the oats first though!!)

Sorry to miss out two of them but hope you like them and will do better next month!

Ann x


Louise said...

Hello there,

I came across via a link of Louise @ Home to see your scavenger hunt photos! I've had a nosey around yout blog and enjoyed :)

I have a scavenger list on my blog (a link just below my blog header) so I will add you too it, hope that's ok!


bad penny said...

I think we all had trouble with April showers and now it seems we are getting them in abundance - in May !