Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Waiting to be unblocked!!

Each one of these manhole covers hides a nasty problem full to the brim!
We had been noticing something not quite right for a few days and had gone about the place with bleach, hot water, brushes etc, etc.
This morning OH went about things with a crowbar and a hosepipe. No good.
Went to local merchants and bought some drain rods. No good.
Went next door and borrowed their drain rods. They were having the same problem. No good.
Rang the Council who put us on to Welsh Water/Sewerage.
The nice man said he would get someone to attend within 4 hours.
I hope he does!
Ann x


Kath said...

you have my sympathy. Last New Years day was spent down the drains. Husband managed to unblock them and narrowly avoided getting his wellies full! :-O

Hesta Nesta said...

We have had the same problem just after we moved in. My hubby lifted the man hole cover and it was full to the brim with little brown things floating and he was so cross I got told off for laughing!! Hope you get it sorted soon.
Jo xx