Wednesday, 7 March 2012

What can I do with those?

'Those' were 8 old clementines and 1 old apple (been on the sideboard for ages)
then OH made a request for "mince pies" - doesn't he know Christmas has finished!
Got the brain in gear and made Clementine and Lemon jam and a mincemeat tart.
Problem solved.
The jam/marmalade is gorgeous on toast for breakfast.
The mincemeat tart was yummy with custard.
Ann x
1. Fresh lemons
2. Bag of Sugar for Jam in the cupboard
3. Remembering to keep my old jam jars!


Saphy said...

yum, well done. you.

BadPenny said...

Well done. Jess makes a lovely banana loaf with over ripe bananas.

Shaheen said...

oH pretty please give us the recipe for the Clemtine and Lemon Jam. I've Clemetine curd once, loved it, now want to try this.

You asked and I forgot to tell you where i have moved to in Wales, its Gwent in South Wales. Warm wishes.