Sunday, 16 September 2012

Ironman Wales 2012

We have been out watching the cycling part of Ironman Wales today. 

Ironman consists of a 2.4 mile swim, 112 miles cycling and after that a 26.2 marathon!

The start was at 7.00 am in Tenby when over 1600 contestants went in for the swim at Castle Beach.
After that they began their cycle which involved two laps coming through Wiseman's Bridge, where we went to watch and cheer them on.  Plenty of folk about clapping, cheering, ringing bells and clappers.  The St John Ambulance were on hand for medical support and were pretty busy.  We saw some riders go by with grazes on their faces and plasters on their arms, fairly soon after one  ambulance had raced by with its 'blues and twos' going.

How they can then go on to do a marathon as well defeats me.  But the first man home was Frenchman Sylvain Rota in a time of 8hrs 52mins 43secs round about 3.30 pm.  The last contestants will still be arriving at midnight!  Incidentally, there are male and female entrants and one of our local doctors has entered.  We shall be looking out for her. 

If you want to check it out Ironman Wales will have all the final results here.  Also 'Ironman Wales' and 'Love Pembrokeshire' have lots of photos on their Facebook page and will probably show the first female home when she arrives (not up yet as I am posting this). 

A good trip out, as our viewpoint was at the pub!  So sustenance was available.
Ann x

(First female home : Regula Rohrbach of Switzerland in a time of 9hrs 45mins 09secs)
Fantastic! All of them - right down to the last one in. 
What amazing athletic prowess we have seen in recent weeks.
I love it!

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