Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Milford Haven

The plus side of visiting our dentist is that the practice is in Milford Haven.
I don't have to return for another six months and OH has to go in a fortnight for an x-ray.

As the weather was glorious, what better than a stroll to look at the
magnificent waterway of the Milford Haven estuary and some of the enormous
tankers waiting to be filled at the refineries
Then a leisurely walk alongside the Marina, with all the expensive-looking
yachts (I'm sure some of them only ever get moored, so that we can look at them
but don't go out to sea in case they get wet!!).
The leisurely walk includes checking out all the little shops alongside the
Marina promenade. Quite a few folk about in the autumn sunshine.
Lots of masts, with their ropes 'singing' in the sea breeze. I love that sound.
Finished off sitting in the sunshine with tea and cakes by the waterside.
Hope you have had a lovely day too.
Ann x

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