Friday, 21 September 2012

Oh Dear .....

Sorry, not a pretty sight, but it does get better.

The rain-soaked summer played havoc with all my lovely tomato plants.
Those I had lovingly nurtured from seed.
Especially my Tigerella plants!

There were a few tomatoes that looked OK
But these were all I managed to save (note one lonely Tigerella!)
I hope they will ripen eventually.
My friend made me green with envy today when she told me that all the plants
I had given to her were producing the most lovely fruit and the Tigerellas
especially were delicious!  GRRH! 
She is going to leave us some on the doorstep next time she passes!

 Luckily the apples are magnificent and we should have loads and loads.
The ones we have eaten so far are delicious.  James Grieves and Laxton's Superb.
 We did lose quite a few runner bean plants, but those that are left are doing their best!

Quite a few late flowering roses to try and cheer us up!
Hoping for an Indian Summer.
Ann x

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Kath said...

I did smile at this. My husband nurtred his little tom plants all through that miserable summer we had. He was so excited about having 1 tomato which turned red. Today was the grand picking and slicing. It was bad inside! I felt so sorry for him :-O