Sunday, 7 October 2012

Last pickings .....

Actually, we do still have some apples, carrots, beetroot and rhubarb left,
but this is the sum total of today's pickings.
These Laxton Superb apples are delicious for cooking or eating.
We have the James Grieve left to pick. Not ready yet.
I couldn't even shake them off the tree!
We had some of these autumn raspberries with yoghurt this evening,
but the rest are destined for a raspberry cheesecake I'm pleased to say!
There still seem to be loads left for picking next week.
They just go on for ever.
These really are the last of the runner beans. Other Half pulled down
the trellis and these were all that were left.
Not many this year, mainly because of the weather.  Here's hoping to better next season.
I was very pleased with my sunflowers, never having grown them before.
They grew to about 10ft tall - very minute after seeing photos of the chap with his 26ft plants!
However, I had left them to go to seed and the birds have already been
delving in to them as there were great spaces where they had already got some of the seeds out.
The rest of the heads have been put in bags in the garden shed to dry out,
 so the birds can have them later in the year.
The evenings are drawing in, the light is softer, the curtains drawn earlier.
A time of fruitfulness.
Living here in West Wales, all our thoughts this week have been with the family of beautiful little April Jones.  We have visited Machynlleth several times and are not surprised
at the outpouring of love and help that the community has given to the family and friends.
We add our love and support too.
Ann x

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