Friday, 18 January 2013

Aspects of Fuerteventura (1)

Some beach and garden flora

 There had been  quite a lot of rain in November and so there were lots of
different flowers appearing on the beach, in amongst the lava rocks - quite unusual for us to see.

The cactus were planted in the front of our apartment in Corralejo
The owner let me bring a couple of small babies home from one of her plants. 
Don't hold your breath that it will ever grow or flower in our climate, but I will have a go.
Sand dunes of the Parc Nacional

These dunes are spectacular, as I am sure some of you know.
They stretch for miles on both sides of road in to Corralejo.
The beach side has two huge hotels overlooking the vast beaches,
but the other side of the road is very barren and hugely windswept.
(Remember if you click on each photograph you will get a better enlargement.
This photo comes out particularly well.)
 These two camels were looking particularly fed up.
First, because no-one wanted a ride and secondly because their usual
complement of six or seven were reduced, so there were only the two of them!
Plenty of empty sunloungers to get photographically artistic with.
It was extremely windy, so no-one fancied to sunbathe and get covered in sand.
Waiting for business.
Hopefully these may brighten up your day if you are inundated by rain or snow.
Ann x

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Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

These HAVE brightened my day. Thank you. I especially like the pic of the dunes, the sun loungers and the camel. xx