Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Getting back to the quilting bug ...

After not doing any sewing for the past month, except a tiny bit of piecing,
I hardly remembered how to use my lovely new sewing machine.
It didn't take very long though!

I am having a go at a tote bag.
It looks so easy on the instruction sheet, but I struggled
to remember all the instructions about seams and ironing I had
been given at my weekly quilt gathering.
I had already cut the pieces out before we went away, but of 
course couldn't remember which was which!
Eventually I remembered to number the pieces before starting to sew!
And to remember which way the seams went.
Took me the whole afternoon but I was so pleased to get going again.
I still want to make quilts and already have several stashes of lovely
materials and some future ideas - some very simple.
I have started to make a sample quilt for us and think I will
find that quite a challenge.
Only three blocks made so far, and one cut out.
Plan to do some more tomorrow. Then I have my class on Thursday
and an all day quilting meeting (chatting, tea drinking etc!) on Friday.
So that lot should really get me off to a good start.
I still wish I had found out about quilting many years ago and love
to read all about the wonderful quilting you quilter bloggers do.
Some of your work is quite spectacular.
I plan to put a Rag Quilt on my list - as described by Kath on her blog - 
it looks really cosy and I hope I will be able to make one as good in the future.
Keep warm all of you surrounded by snow.
Our bit of Pembrokeshire has no snow at all, but 4 miles up the road northwards it is different story!
Ann x


Kath said...

I love those blues, they are gorgeous! I was wondering how much snow you have, my friend lives at Efailwen, I must ring her and see how she is faring.
Looking forward to seeing what you make :-D

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

You're doing very well. Can't wait to see the finished result. xx

Denise Nesbitt said...

Hi Ann - to share the video on your blog you need to use the HTML mode and add the following embedded code

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To send via e-mail this is the link


Denise Nesbitt said...

Oh and < > at beginning and end of code