Monday, 28 January 2013

A frugal tip from Fuerteventura .....

On our wanderings around the various shopping areas in Corralejo
we came across these delightful, cheerful, trees outside several of the shops.
Thinking of you many "frugaleers" or is it "frugalees" I thought you would be interested.
I thought they looked intriguing, so I took a closer look.
 They are obviously plastic flowers.

The holding bottle is presumably weighted down with something - sand perhaps.
Then a branch is inserted and painted a bright colour.
It looks as though each flower is made from the top part of a coloured, plastic bottle,
cut so that the petals fan out and the lid becomes the centre of the bloom.
Each flower appears to be attached by brightly painted wire
to every brightly painted branch.
Just brings a smile to your face.
I might even have a go myself.
They would look cheerful in the sun, rain or even the snow!!
Hope you like them too.
Ann x

1 comment:

Shaheen said...

I love it, so bright and cheery - recycled too. I remember when I had an allotment in Glasgow - one of the allotment holders recycled old cans and made something similar, but not as colourful. Lookign forward to seeing your attempts.