Sunday, 26 September 2010

Aspire Channel Swim

This is me preparing to complete The Aspire Channel Swim. Yes swimming the Channel - BUT - in my local swimming pool. This is a a fund raising challenge from 13 September to 5 December 2010 to raise funds for people with Spinal Injury.
I love to swim and having just learned that I have spinal problems of my own I thought I would use my love of swimming to help raise funds for those who are not as fortunate as myself. You can find out about Aspire at .
You can make a donation on . Thank you very much.
Now more of a Silver Surfer!
The Real Me!
I started my swimming on 15 September. This week I have swum three times in a local 25m pool and at 40 lengths each time. My total lengths so far are 170 - (only 1246 to go!). The Aspire Channel Swim map informs me I have swum 2.6 miles across the Channel!


Linda said...

Lovely pictures! Well done to you!
I can swim, but I'm not a strong swimmer. The last time I went to our local pool( a few years ago) I ended up with a bad reaction to the chlorine in the pool. I looked like something out of a Stephen King film, with burst blood vessels in my eyes and up my nose!
I did try goggles but the same thing happened again. I'm okay in the sea, but being in the middle of England it's a bit far to travel weekly for a swim, but I'd love to!

foreveryoung said...

Thanks for your comments Linda. Managed 50 lengths this morning. My total lengths now are 220 and so far I am 3.4 miles across the Channel so quite a way to go yet! Ann