Sunday, 26 September 2010

Narberth Food Festival

Apologies to everyone who is on a diet or trying to watch their eating habits (myself included), but I recently went to Narberth Food Festival. They hold it every year and it is growing in popularity, and very busy and the first time that I had been. Very colourful, very interesting and very hard to resist buying temping foody wares! Enjoy.
The most beautifully shaped and coloured gourds I had ever seen.
Now you know what to do with all that beetroot you grew. Cooked, sliced and put in a dish with sliced oranges and pomegranate seeds, with olive oil, salt and pepper added over the top. Amazing, and I jolly well forgot to go back to get some before I left the festival!
Simply cooked, huge prawns. You can just smell them if you try hard.
With apologies to all the vegetarians. He took 8 hours to look like this and there was always a queue to have some of him in a bun!
What Turkish Delight should look like.
I wish mine looked like this. The first lot only grew to about two inches and the second lot just haven't grown!
Back on the diet.

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BizzyDays said...

Hello :)
Just thought I'd pop over and say hello, and thankyou for leaving kind comments on my blog!
I think your amazing doing all they swimming! What a fabulous way to get (or keep?) fit, by helping other people:)
I'm sorry to read though, that you have spinal problems yourself.
It makes your swimming even more amazing!
Do take care.
Kind regards,
Donna x