Friday, 3 September 2010

Friday's Bits and Bobs!

Sorry, bit of a long post, but I had some catching up to do. x

Oranges and Lemons!

We bought two citrus trees last year but lost them both during the exceptionally cold, snowy, frosty icy weather at the beginning of the year. Luckily they were still under guarantee and so were replaced by these two, which seem to be thriving. But, how do I keep the fruits going? Will they really turn into edible oranges and lemons this year, or will they take until next year?
They arrived with their own blue fleeces to be put on during the winter and I don't know whether to just cover them up and wrap them (as I did last year, but still lost them), cover and wrap them up and put in the greenhouse (not a heated glass one, but a green plastic one), wrap them up etc and put in a garden shed with only a small window or wrap them up and put them in our conservatory (which can get pretty cold during the winter) or even bring them in to the house with central heating! Time to hit the internet I think.
If anyone has any ideas they would be gratefully received.
Four lovely eggs today from four lovely 'girls', but which hen gave us which egg that is the question. The white one is Margot's, she is the white leghorn (her second egg was a double yolker!). The small white-speckled egg we presume is from one of the speckledys. The largest darker brown one we believe is from Bluebell (our Bluebelle) and the other brown egg is from Rosalind, our Gold Star first layer. Two others yet to start laying.
Of course they all taste delicious. Thank you once again girls.
A trip to Milford Haven this morning to the dentist. Exam, clean and filling.
A rather early hazy shot across the Cleddau Estuary to the oil refinery with a huge tanker awaiting its turn.

Same shot, slightly different view.

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