Sunday, 19 September 2010

St Mary's Church, Begelly

St Mary's Church, Begelly, dates from the 13th century and was originally dedicated to St Bugail, which in Welsh means "Shepherd" and this may have been the origin of the name Begelly as many properties in the area had a connection with shepherds.
The tower provides a striking landmark and is the oldest structure in the district. It is also apparently the tallest tower in the county. The tower contains a large bell made by Bailey of Bridgewater. It bears the inscription "My sound is good, my shape is neat. 'Twas Bailey made me so complete" 1760.
Unfortunately the bell tower is in need of much restoration and the church was taking advantage of Church Open Day to encourage donations towards this restoration. There are also other fund raising activities going on in order to carry out the repairs. Hence our taking the opportunity to visit this church and take a look around.
The burial grounds date from their consecration on 14 March 1877 when part was purchased from the Guardians of Narberth Union. A further part was consecrated on 28 October 1881 and was walled by Mr George Davies of Kingsmoor. The old Almshouse is thought to have stood on this ground.
The old of 1881 with the present burial monuments in the background.
A lot of the very old monuments were covered in lichen and seemed to lend themselves better to black and white photography, which I have not done for a long time.
These old memorials were in the most peaceful part of the burial grounds.
A very tranquil place. Like so many churchyards, a peaceful place to be.


BizzyDays said...

Hello. Thankyou for leaving such a nice comment on my blog :)
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I'm very impressed with your preserving, and that rosehip jam must be worth its weight in gold!
I love old churches. I love visiting them. I get a sense of peace and calm -well, I suppose tht's why they are peoples last resting places!
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foreveryoung said...

Yes, the rosehip marmalade was definitely a labour of love only! But it does taste fabulous. Churchyards are about the only places that come in to their own during misty, dull, atmospheric weather. Ann