Saturday, 23 April 2011

This Week in the Garden ...

The garden is racing to life with all the sun we have had recently.

We thought the hydrangea was dead, but it is now proving us wrong!

Apple blossom on our James Grieves apple tree.

Our cherry blossom is always magnificent and this year is no exception.

Even the dandelions are looking attractive (if you like that sort of thing!).

Our Girls are very happy wandering around in the sunshine and dappled shade.

Have a Happy Easter.

Ann x


mrsnesbitt said...

Euphorbia - Robbie? One of my favourites here in our garden.

foreveryoung said...

Thanks Denise. We know it is a euphorbia, but didn't know it was 'Robbie'. Have also tried boiling water on our unwanted dandelions but not too much luck so far. May have to try vinegar next! Ann x