Friday, 15 April 2011

St Michael's Mount

Iconic landmark in Mounts Bay. Always worth a visit in most types of weather. Maggie and I were fortunate in having good weather to make the trek up to the top - stopping of course to feel the Giant's Heart beating (you have to visit to find out how to do this!).

The tide was exceptionally low and so we were able to walk across the causeway.

The views from the top were stunning.
We could have walked back .....
But by the time we left, after a lovely lunch in the cafe, the tide was fully in and so it was a short boat trip back to Marazion, costing all of £1.50. Another great day out.

Ann x


Saphy said...

how great. The 3rd picture down is awesome!! I loved going when our girls were young.

Perranlady said...

So very pleased you managed to time your visit with some good weather, The Mount looks so much better in good light. Your photos are really super - (believe it or not, we've never been further than the Harbour as dogs are not allowed) It's good to see what we've been missing ! Sue