Saturday, 8 October 2011


My right boob is black and blue. Yesterday I had to go for a vacuum assisted breast biopsy - I think they must have used a vacuum cleaner!
I had a similar procedure on the left side in 2007 when everything was found to be OK, much to my relief. Because since then I had had no follow-up or checks of any kind I requested some further investigation to make sure all was well. It was found that there were further investigations needed on the right side that had probably appeared since the last x-rays!
Obviously, blind panic sets in, but we turned up at the appointed time - they were running late - as they do and three-quarters of a long hour later I went in to see the consultant. He explained that the x-ray prep would take the longest time, but the actual biopsy procedure would be much shorter.
Top clothes off, becoming hospital poncho on! Then up on to the couch! Well, they do things differently in the super all singing all dancing new Breast Care Centre in Llanelli (including 3D x-rays for a start). I had to lie face down with the correct boob hanging through a hole in the centre of the couch - the other one was hitched up somewhere!
Then, the manipulation started to get the 'operation' site in the correct position. First it had to be pushed and prodded by unseen hands from below (I had now been raised up I realised as I could only see the heads and eyes of the nurses who periodically enquired if I was all right) - No that's wrong I was facing the other way first! That was before they had taken 3 or 4 x-rays, decided things weren't quite right and had me kneel up (remember I was raised up about 4 feet!) and turn completely round the opposite way! What a performance. Another 3 or 4 x-rays taken. The consultant had to be called to check all was OK. Then another doc came in to 'observe' and I was told I was a 'challenging' case (not me personally - they said I was 'doing well') to them getting the correct position for the procedure.
The vacuum bit was very noisy - a bang, then rumbling - I told you they used a vacuum cleaner! with ice cold something sprayed on, anaesthetic administered and then about 6 'vacuums' taken. Not the most comfortable thing.
The consultant patched me up saying that it 'looked like World War I'. - It does!
Appointment next week to get the results. Fingers crossed.
Ann x


Captain Shagrat said...

best of luck to you brave lady hope things go well. Your booby may be bruised but your sense of humour prevails

Kathy said...

Poor you ... I sympathise, having been through similar procedures! Wishing you the very best of luck!

Kath said...

Oh bless you, one boob through a hole and one tucked up somewhere, sounds very uncomfortable.
You did make is sound funny, but I know it is an anxious time for you.
I don't think men have any idea what we have to endure with our smear tests and boobygrams, not to mention child birth!!
Fingers crossed all will be well.

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Oh poor you. Not nice at all. Wishing you good luck for the results. xx

Hesta Nesta said...

Sounds very uncomfortable, I know how anxious it can be having had something very similar years ago. Good luck for the results.
Jo xx

foreveryoung said...

Thank you all for your lovely comments. It is really helpful to share at times like this. Even though things have always been ok in the past there is always a bit of uncertainty hanging about! Will let you know how I get on. Ann x