Monday, 10 October 2011

Sennen, Cornwall

Sennen Cove, Sunny Corner Lane and Gwenver Beach. Some of my other favourite places to revisit when I go family visiting to Cornwall.
This is Ella, my niece's border collie puppy. She has only just started going out for walks on her lead, meeting other dogs and learning how to behave. She is wonderful and instinctively 'sits' and 'stays' when asked - even now at only a couple of months old.
She has also had her first day at 'work' in the stables where Jenny is a Manager. Jenny and her partner live in Sennen (lucky things) and so we went on a fab walk during the best October weekend for years!
Looking across to Sunny Corner Lane.
The beach was very crowded on the Sunday and Maggie and I even went in the sea! It wasn't too cold (really!) and we stayed in about 10 minutes - fantastic.
Looking towards Gwenver.
The surfers were out in force as the line-up of waves was so good!
(I don't really know the jargon - just trying to show off!)
Ann x

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Kath said...

Ella is so sweet. I love their funny ears when they are pups :-D