Friday, 14 October 2011

Relief ...

"What a Difference a Day Makes" sung by Dinah Washington- the first choice of music on Desert Island Discs this morning.
A very appropriate song for me this morning. Yesterday I was not in a happy place, worrying so much about my appointment with the consultant this morning. However, last night a phone call from the hospital to say that my results were mostly 'benign', that word you only wish to hear! Therefore, I do not have to make the hour long journey to Llanelli today. Apparently I will have to go again, as they still wish to investigate further the biopsy results they took last week.
The relief is palpable. I am a changed person. My Other Half says that I have 'come back to him' after being in whatever place I was being dark and unhappy. I had not even realised it myself until I literally suddenly felt the change and noted I had a smile on my face and was singing along with Dinah Washington.
Ann x


Kathy said...

So pleased to hear your news! Have a great weekend!

foreveryoung said...

Thanks Kathy. Yes, relief all round. Ann x