Friday, 10 February 2012


Arrgh!! They're back again.
The road/traffic disruptions.
Digging up roads and pavements, wielding loud, vibrating, pneumatic drills.
Bending your ears with noise and filling your eyes with dust!
Does it happen in your town?
There was so much going on I turned it into a photographic session!
The more it goes on, the worse it gets!
I'll be glad when they've used up their Council quota and got it all finished!
Ann x
Gratefuls :
1. Lunch in front of afternoon TV bowls!
2. Getting rid of frustration to my lovely bloggers!
3. Camomile tea!


Saphy said...

I dislike the disruptions that roadworks cause. its the noise as much as everything else. that annoy me! I know they are vital but still. love the photo's btw.

Kath said...

I love that photo on your blog header. Every time I see it, I look forward to the summer and our seaside visits!