Tuesday, 21 February 2012

That was Then ...

Lammas Street Carmarthen
Royal Welch Fusiliers monument, Lammas Street erected in 1858 to commemorate the men of 23rd RWF who died in the Crimean War, 1854-56. (Photo taken in 1893)
A Parade of circus elephants in Lammas Street in c1900. Photo by J F Lloyd 1900-1905. That must have been a wonderful sight to see for the little boy in the foreground .
This is now ...
Towards the Fusiliers Monument, 2012.
English Baptist Church. Could not find out anything of its history unfortunately.
This is Lammas Street in Carmarthen this morning. Not nearly so interesting.
Rather foggy and wet and drizzly and not an elephant in sight!
Rather busy, hot shops fully of damp irritable people (me!).
We were glad to get home.
What happened in your nearby towns in bygone days?
Ann x
1. Packs of ready-made sandwiches
2. Ever ready compact camera
3. Pancakes with sugar and lemon.
I got the idea of doing the above comparisons from this lovely blog by Nilly. I hope you don't mind Nilly.


Kath said...

Interesting the name of the street, as Lammas is an important old Celtic/Pagan festival, on August 1st, the early harvest. I would be interested to know how that got to be named.
great post, I like a bit of history, me :-)

nilly said...

Of course I don't mind! I'm very happy to share any ideas or photos on my blog posts.