Sunday, 26 February 2012

Market Bargains! ...

We miss our 'girls' that gave us such lovely eggs each day, so I was pleased to find these really large fresh ones for £1 this morning.
These cakes are M & S 'seconds' if you can call them that! Absolutely delicious and at £2 just the thing with a cup of coffee after a hard morning trailing round the stalls!
Isn't he lovely!! That moustache! They don't have them like that any more. Although my grandad did - his was for straining tea through!!!
Anything that will help with arthritis is a good thing.
It all seems so simple. Just follow the illustrations.
In the 1980s I had a course of acupressure from a lady called Pola Rest (unusual name and she went off to drive lorries across America I think!). However, it was a life-changing thing for me. Don't ask me how, but I became a fitter, brighter, more confident person after my sessions with her, so I have always felt drawn towards acupressure and reflexology type things. Acupuncture seemed to do nothing at all for me when I tried it.
I realised, when I got the book home (another £1), that I already had a copy, albeit an older one, so I think something/ somebody is trying to tell me that I need another session or some self-treating.
If I end up looking like the lady on the front cover I shall be well pleased.
Seriously though, have you tried it or practised acupressure and have you found it helpful?
The author has quite a comprehensive web site if you want to find out any more about him.
Hope you have all had a fruitful weekend. Just off for a cup of tea and a piece of cake!
Ann x


BadPenny said...

Wow I'm looking out for that cake! I'll look into the pressure points too having got a touch of arthritis in my neck.

Saphy said...

I love cake and don't mind 2nds.
I have just tagged you!!! hop over to my blog and see what that means.

josie crafter at Homemade and Happy said...

Hello Ann
I used to get lots of migraines and I used some self-help style acupressure to relieve the migraine ... it did work too!
Thanks for visiting and asking about the patchwork quilt tutorial. Batting is the wadding which goes between the fabric layers. The best kind is cotton and it is lovely and warm too. You can get different thicknesses, just like you would for a duvet. I usually buy mine from Cotton Patch - see their website. There's plenty to choose from and they provide a good service too.
I'm going to write a bit at the end of my tutorial in case anyone else has the same query :-)
Happy days to you,