Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Lampeter (2)

One reason for going to Lampeter was to visit The Welsh Quilt Centre.
This is situated in The Old Town Hall, High Street, Lampeter, Ceredigion
This web site has a mass of information to link into. Do take a look.
I wanted to see the current exhibition which is on until 3 November.
It is absolutely fascinating and it does seem as though the Amish quilters
took a lot of their ideas from the Welsh quilters.
If you are coming to Wales for your holidays and are interested in the history of quilting I think you will find this exhibition well worth a visit.
There is a wonderful quilting shop next door as well! 
So you can spend all your holiday money!
They even used to use their old quilts to keep their cattle warm!
Jen Jones, the owner of the quilt centre, showed us around and told us that she has met the old lady in the above photograph.
(The above three photographs have been taken from Welsh Quilt Centre images)
The reason for all this sudden interest in quilts is that a 'quilting' shop has recently
opened in our nearest village, Kilgetty.  The wife of a  member of our short mat
bowls club does quilting. The local quilting and patchwork group had an open day
which I attended and was told 'it is easy to do, why don't you come along'?
So I did.
Now I am hooked, after about four weeks!
The above is the beginning of my first quilt

I can see that I haven't quite got the hang of it and the colours just yet.
My quilt is 'Yellow Brick Road' pattern.
I have had two quilting lessons.
Attended three quilting classes (sitting chatting with tea and biscuits included).
Met a whole lot of lovely new friends.
Just bought my first lot of accessories.
Had my 20 year old Frister & Rossman serviced.
Even bought 6 fat quarters for my next small quilt.
I am definitely hooked!
And looking foward to lots of new experiences.
Ann x
(Foreveryoung at 74!)


Kath said...

Lovely work Ann, I like the colours you chose.
I did smile, because as you say, quilt making is addictive!

foreveryoung said...

Thanks Kath. Hope you saw my comment over at yours. Do go to the exhibition if you have a chance. It is wonderful. Ann x

nilly said...

Definitely on my "must visit" list - I wish I had an antique Welsh quilt, though I'm not sure how to tell the difference between English & Welsh.