Monday, 2 July 2012

Photo A Day - Busy!

I keep trying to take part in Photo A Day.
You can find out all the details here.  and try to take a particular photo each day of the month.
I have not done very well so far!
Anyway, 1 was 'Self-Portrait' - might go back to that!
2 is 'Busy'
As its raining cats and dogs again the only things busy in our house
are the washing machine and the dryer - so here they are!!
Not a very brilliant idea, but hey ho, at least I had a go.
Why don't you too?  There are some quite novel ideas to have a go at.
Number 26 is Sunshine - Hope it gets here by then!
Back to some more tennis with a cup of tea.
Bowls practice tonight.
Ann x

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BadPenny said...

ooh I might just join you....