Sunday, 15 July 2012

Trip to Lampeter ...

Lampeter (Welsh: Llanbedr Pont Steffan or, more informally, Llambed) is a town in Ceredigion, South West Wales, lying at the confluence of the River Teifi and the Afon Dulas.
The first time I have visited this lovely small, university town.

It is very Welsh.
Lots of Welsh-speaking people and English/Welsh speaking people everywhere.
It has some very colourful shops.
Long time since a saw a tin bath - especially on the pavement!
Makes our dun-coloured broom look so uninteresting.
It must be much more fun to sweep with a coloured one!
Cheerful garden watering to be done.
Just looking at the shops and wandering around
was not the only reason for visiting Lampeter.
Back later.
Ann x

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Kath said...

look like a great little town. My best friend lives at Efailwen and we are planning a little trip to Lampeter next time I'm down.
Looks like you had some lovley sunshine too.