Friday, 31 May 2013

A quick trip to London

Almost on a whim we took our wheelie cases to the local railway
station, caught a train to Swansea and thence to Paddington.
Out of the station, wheelied across the road, then round the corner to our hotel. Sorted!
Because we were round the corner opposite one of London's iconic gardens,
Norfolk Gardens, it was very quiet but we were right in the centre of London
and easy access to buses and underground with a couple of daily travel tickets.
Queen Mary's Hospital, Paddington
founded in 1845

This amazing 35ft bronze horse head statue, at Marble Arch, was crafted by Nic Fiddian-Green 
who chose to clean it up himself after the local pigeons made a real mess of it!

This fountain is in Hyde Park and called Joy of Life

Iconic London scenes, that happen most days!

Boris' Bikes!
Boris Johnson has set up these stations all over the city. You buy your ticket, make a 
note of the bike number, unplug it, go to your destination and then return your bike
to an empty parking place. Genius. You can have a bike for a week or more if you wish.
I think it was about £2 for 30 mins.

Bomber Command Memorial in Green Park.
We visited this wonderful and very moving memorial in remembrance of
OH's brother, Donald, who was killed on 24 December 1943, 70 years ago.  
He was a navigator, like the one depicted above.
We had a wonderful few days in London and I will tell you more about it later.
Ann x

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