Wednesday, 1 May 2013

A trip to Newport - (Welsh : Trefdraeth)

The weather could not have been better for our trip to Newport, Pembrokeshire
Beautiful sunshine, even if the wind was a bit cold.
Welcome colour in the car park
One of the many delightful streets branching off the High Street
St Mary's Church
With beautiful views across to the headland.
Some of the beautiful windows in the church
The Good Shepherd
My favourite window
This angel looks so serene she makes you feel peaceful straight away.
I don't know whose skull this would be and have not been able to find out
 anything about the stained glass windows to enlighten me.
More interesting stained glass.

View of the church and castle from the graveyard.
Another visitor told me that they had been told there are 1,000 graves here.
It certainly looks like it as the area is vast.
Looking across to the castle.
I could not go to Newport without going in to the antique shop!
No room to move for goods and books!
Just as it should be!
The Castle Inn - Image taken from their website
The morning was completed with lunch at The Castle Inn.
A venue which we fully recommend.
Ann x

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Shaheen said...

You made me jump when I read trip to Newport and I thought How come you never came to visit me, then I realised its Newport in Pembrokeshire. Looks lovely. I'd love to visit it some time esp. that antique shop. Thanks for sharing Ann