Thursday, 9 May 2013

Upton Castle Gardens, Pembrokeshire

Nearly got rid of the lurgy and so went off 
to the lovely Upton Castle Gardens.
Recently shown as part of the Time Team excavations on TV.
(A Time Team book is available and the Upton Castle details
are all in it.)
For some reason everything I have entered below this line is coming out framed in white!
Goodness knows why.
Blogger is also hiding all the info I have put in under the photos
So apologies for this rather truncated and odd looking post.
Ann x

Upton Castle - (photo from their website)

lovely gardens to walk around with these fabulous azaleas just coming in to bloom
Monster monkey puzzle tree.
The delightful 13th Century chapel

Inside the small 12th/13th Century Medieval Chapel

A mobile shepherd's hut by the pig enclosure.
Some of these have been carefully done up and are used as holiday lets.
If you fancy one just search for shepherd's hut and you will find something .
The piggies next door don't care anyway as long as they have their grub!
Tranquil paths through the Woodland Walk.
A lovely trip out.
Ann x


Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Ooh, just read your post where you say you and hubby were ill. Poor you both! Glad you're feeling a bit chirpier. Fabulous pics (as always). xx

nilly said...

WONDERFUL shepherd's hut! I wish I had one in my garden