Friday, 3 May 2013

Laid Low ...

Not an inspring title I know
but myself and OH are both laid low with a most horrible cough and cold lurgy.
We are dosing ourselves up to the eyeballs
with home-made remedies of
hot lemon and honey
hot ginger wine and whisky (highly recommended!)
OH took to his bed for nearly two days
practically unheard of.
I had a long lie-in this morning,
but most of the time is spent feeling sorry for ourselves.
We're well stocked up with Le..sips,'s Friends and Streps..s etc,etc
But any other blogger-tried-and-tested home remedy would be gratefully received.
Its off to my Kindle, the paper, the tv
and may be some hand finishing to my latest quilt.
Hope you are all managing to keep healthy.
Ann x


K&T said...

So sorry to hear you are both unwell. GET WELL SOON.

Shaheen said...

Sorry to read this post and learn that your both poorly. Wish you both a speedy recovery and to enjoy the sunshine while it lasts.
Love the sound ofthe hot ginger wine and whiskey,